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Petrotranz releases Academy!

Petrotranz releases Academy!

October 23, 2018 CALGARY, AB, Canada (October 23, 2018) - Petrotranz has always been a company of new. New looks, new feels, new features - as such we've been listening and reinvesting into our customers in many exciting ways.

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Enter Petrotranz Academy!

Be rewarded with an official Petrotranz Certificate of Completion by completing any number of our courses. Brush up on your current roles skills or learn a new role altogether!

Petrotranz Academy is for new and existing Petrotranz users who have a desire to quickly build their knowledge and skills for current and future roles by completing our convenient online learning modules. Whenever you want, wherever you want, and at your own pace!

What are you waiting for?
Follow this link and sign-up today!

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