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Petrotranz Quality Management System

Petrotranz Quality Management System (PQM) is a secure, web-based application and data exchange that captures, manages, stores and distributes crude quality information in an electronic format to all relevant stakeholders (Facilities, Shippers, Producers).

Facility and Producer operators of Oil and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) face challenges monitoring and managing production quality data for propriety and third party volumes delivered. Oil and hydrocarbon liquid analysis data has only been accessible via laboratory web repositories or stored on a common drive on a company's network. The process of requesting the collection of a sample is currently manual and typically consists of a phone call or email from head office to field personnel.

In order to preform trending analysis and further analytics on the analysis data, energy companies typically require the re-keying of analysis data into spreadsheets and calculating statistics by entering formulas. There are challenges associated with these current processes including potential misplacement or loss of analyses, data entry risk and communication failure potential resulting in an increase in overall costs associated with the collection and management of quality data.

Petrotranz Inc's Quality Management System (PQM)

The Petrotranz Quality Management (PQM) system offers organizations a tool to address the challenges associated with the collection and management of Oil and Hydrocarbon Liquid analyses data. PQM adds further value to the quality management process by allowing a Facility or Producer Operator to set parameters alerting when an analysis submitted by a lab deviates from any of their facilities specifications. Facility and Producer operators will receive full automation and audibility from the initial request of a physical sample collection through to the publishing of approved analyses data to sanctioned stakeholders online in a secure environment.

Risk Management

PQM is designed to reduce the risks associated with potential misplacement or loss of analyses results, data entry error and communication failure. This secure, centralized hub provides Facility Operators with the opportunity to realize cost savings associated with the collection and management of quality data. Through the use of standardized sample request forms and built in validation, PQM enhances confidence that the information provided to a field personnel or laboratory to collect is accurate and that the required parameters are communicated properly.


PQM offers the ability to centralize and monitor quality requests with the introduction of workflow to the management process. The tool allows a Facility Operator to pre-configure testing programs, generating bulk sample requests sent to field or lab personnel by facility system groups at future intervals. The application also provides reporting options allowing a Facility Operator the ability to query analysis results and testing programs creating custom reports from within the application.


PQM provides transparency or audit-ability to a Facility Operator from the initial request of a physical sample collection through to the publishing of approved analyses data to sanctioned stakeholders online in a secure, web based environment.


Through the introduction of standardized sample request forms, and automation of analysis results incoming from laboratories, the overall reliability of a Facility Operators quality management program is enhanced.


PQM is built on the existing Petrotranz platform and leverages state of the art encryption and security protocols.

Best-in-class solutions

Petrotranz has developed a strong relationship with the vendors of systems related to the 3 month logistical process that surrounds the marketing of crude oil in Canada. Respecting that these vendors are in fact partners and working directly with them, allows Petrotranz to develop out new standards, new levels of automated integration and thereby allows for a truly closed loop for the processes related to those found in the Petrotranz platform. This coupled with the secure audibility of our cloud-based solution as opposed to the inability to truly track, manage and close the loop using tools such as spreadsheets, emails and faxes has allowed Petrotranz to fulfill the role of an Energy Industry Solution.


Product Sheets

PQM Product Sheet

For more information on the value of what the Petrotranz Quality Management can do for you click here to download your copy of the PQM Product Sheet.