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Petrotranz Extends Executive Team

Petrotranz Extends Executive Team

January 20, 2011 | Download News Release (PDF, 396kb)

CALGARY, AB, Canada (January 20, 2011) - Petrotranz Inc. announced today that Dan Brown joined the company as Vice President, Technology in early 2010 and Paul Johnson has been promoted to Vice President, Client Services.

"I am pleased to have Paul Johnson & Dan Brown as part of our Executive team at Petrotranz," says Brent Stankowski, CEO of Petrotranz Inc. "Both bring with them a wealth of experience in technology, operations, and client services to extend our world class organization".

Mr. Brown comes to Petrotranz with an impressive career of executive positions in the Energy Industry spanning operations, IT and technology. As a past Chairman of the CAPP CIO Forum, Mr. Brown has a keen interest in the utilization of technology to improve industry processes. He also believes in a pragmatic "client-services-first" organization combined with technology solutions that specifically address both customer & industry needs.

"I am pleased to join Petrotranz as Vice President of Technology", says Dan Brown. "Having been involved in both the technology and the Energy Industries, I look forward to working with the Petrotranz customers to address the specific needs of the crude oil industry."

Mr. Johnson's track record showcases the benefits of working with customers and implementing solutions that solve real-world problems. His career is impressive, holding positions that serviced the needs of companies ranging from the very small to the Fortune 500. Formerly the Senior Director of Client Services for Petrotranz, Mr. Johnson has demonstrated a "client-services-first" track record and a well deserving promotion to the position of Vice President of Client Services.

"I am very pleased to join the executive team at Petrotranz and to be part of a forward-thinking organization that provides a key service to the Industry", said Johnson. "I look forward to working with our customers to find new ways to use software technology to benefit the Energy Industry."

About Petrotranz Inc.

Petrotranz Inc.'s Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS) is the first secure, easy-to-use, web-based communication and collaboration platform that streamlines the manual processes and documentation required in the transportation of crude oil from wellhead to market. Petrotranz COTS provides Producers, Facility Operators (pipelines, truck terminals, cleaning plants) and Marketers the ability to forecast shipping volumes, capture production information, and reconcile delivered quantities to complete and submit delivery forecasts online each month.

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Dallas Smith Petrotranz | VP, Operations 403.984.0861