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Petrotranz Data Exchange

Petrotranz Data Exchange (PDX) is a secure, easy-to-use, web-based communication and collaboration platform that streamlines the manual processes and documentation required in the transportation of crude oil and NGL's from wellhead to market. PDX is an Industry solution that provides a centralized and secure hub for accessing and exchanging current and historical logistics and financial information between, Facility Operators, Producers, Shipper/ Marketers and other vested stakeholders.

PDX leverages the existing Petrotranz Platform which provides existing portals (Facility Operator, Shipper and Producer), Industry databases, role-based security, business rules, workflow, document management, and an integration layer for system-to-system exchange.

PDX has been designed to automate and improve business processes relating to the exchange of information between energy Industry stakeholders. PDX reduces the risk and inherent inefficiency associated with manual data entry.

PDX contains a robust Notice of Shipment (NOS) module which was designed to provide the ability for a Shipper of Crude Oil to create a NOS Form applicable to a Pipeline System Group and Stream and distribute it securely online to the Pipeline Facility Operator. The Facility Operator will then have the capability to Receive, Accept, Reject and Export the Notice of Shipment data into their Internal Pipeline Management Systems.

Petrotranz Data Exchange (PDX)

Risk Reduction

Information can be electronically transferred from system to system thereby reducing the risks associated with data entry. Furthermore, all stakeholders have a secure central hub where information can then be shared electronically. This improves each stakeholder's access and accuracy of information in virtually real-time. PDX leverages the existing Petrotranz platform of companies, users and roles. This reduces the risk involved in the distribution of the information and removes the need for multiple stakeholders portals.

Consumable Information (XML Format)

All PDX information is available in a consumable XML Format. Internal management systems can be integrated directly to the Petrotranz Data Exchange (PDX) for a near real-time electronic data feed.

Improved Analysis & BI

Information will move efficiently and be stored electronically. This will provide stakeholders with a greater ability to analyze their data, improve the decision making process and positively impact internal processes.

Historical Workflow

PDX maintains a record of each event as it occurs. This provides historical records for complete audit capability.


The Energy Industry can utilize the published industry schemas for information flow. This includes capabilities to utilize authenticated Web Services to transact and distribute information. Furthermore, the reference data offered through Petrotranz is uploaded from the most current Databases in Western Canada which then can be accessed through PDX for use in any of the customers internal systems.

Best-in-class solutions

Petrotranz has developed a strong relationship with the vendors of systems related to the 3 month logistical process that surrounds the marketing of crude oil and NGL's in Canada. Respecting that these vendors are in fact partners and working directly with them, allows Petrotranz to develop out new standards, new levels of automated integration and thereby allows for a truly closed loop for the processes related to those managed within Petrotranz. This coupled with the secure audibility of our cloud-based solution as opposed to the inability to truly track, manage and close the loop using tools such as spreadsheets, emails and faxes has allowed Petrotranz to fulfill the role of an Energy Industry Solution.


Product Sheets

PDX Product Sheet

For more information on the value of what the Petrotranz Document Exchange can do for you click here to download your copy of the PDX Product Sheet.