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Crude Oil Transportation System

Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS) is a secure, easy-to-use, web-based communication and collaboration platform that streamlines the manual processes and documentation required in the transportation of crude oil from wellhead to market.

Petrotranz COTS provides Producers, Facility Operators (pipelines, truck terminals, cleaning plants) and Marketers the ability to forecast shipping volumes, capture production information, and reconcile delivered quantities to complete and submit delivery forecasts online each month. Petrotranz COTS allows for the consolidation of Form A submissions to produce Form C's either within the system itself or through import/export procedures to external systems.

COTS has been designed to automate the document processing and data transmission elements that are historically handled using spreadsheets, reports and word-processing documents transmitted by fax or e-mail. Wherever and whenever applicable, COTS has been designed to integrate into (not replace) any legacy or internal applications being used by Producers, Facility Operators or Shipper / Marketers.

Petrotranz Inc's Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS)

Risk Reduction

COTS helps reduce risk and improve efficiencies for all stakeholders of the Western Canadian Crude Oil Industry through timely reporting, enhanced tracking, and improving the accuracy of volumetric data. Petrotranz maintains a record of each event as it occurs. This provides a historical record of what has been done, when it was done, and by whom. This level of audibility lends confidence to the stakeholders as they manage their business in a very timeline driven environment, without worry that their forms and data are being modified in any way without their knowing. Risk is further managed through timely data aggregation and transfer. Increased data accuracy and reduction in administration time and costs.

Forecast to Actuals - Accuracy

Production Operators are notified by the Petrotranz Platform that the Facility has requested the submission of Shipper Splits. Production Operators are then able to enter Shipper Splits and electronically submit. The Petrotranz Platform can then take these actual splits as they are approved and compare them back against the forecasted volumes in order to ensure the Producer is fully aware of the variance between the two numbers. This is just one tool within COTS that allows the Producer Operators to improve the accuracy of their monthly forecasts.


COTS provides Producer Operators the ability to manage the entire Form A life-cycle (create, submit, revise) electronically. They are able to template forward Form A's, individually or by group, to automate the batch creation of Form A's and ease any required data entry on a month-to-month basis. Facility operators are able to then receive, accept and reject Form A's electronically. When a forecast is revised, the system automatically creates Form B's reflecting the revision and submits them to all impacted Shipper Marketers.


COTS contains a robust Notice of Shipment (NOS) module which was designed to provide the ability for a Shipper of Crude Oil to create a NOS Form applicable to a Pipeline System Group and Stream and distribute it securely online to the Pipeline Facility Operator. The Facility Operator will then have the capability to Receive, Accept, Reject and Export the Notice of Shipment data into their Internal Pipeline Management Systems.


Petrotranz was developed based on the COLC Guidelines. The reference data offered through COTS is uploaded from the most current Crude Oil Databases in Western Canada. COTS is the only system available to Industry which seamlessly ties together the entire 3 month reporting requirements for Forecast and Splits by Shipper for each Battery and Facility Combination.


Petrotranz offers full integration and interfacing ability between Crude Oil Marketing, Production Accounting and Facility Management Systems.

Best-in-class solutions

Petrotranz has developed a strong relationship with the vendors of systems related to the 3 month logistical process that surrounds the marketing of crude oil in Canada. Respecting that these vendors are in fact partners and working directly with them, allows Petrotranz to develop out new standards, new levels of automated integration and thereby allows for a truly closed loop for the processes related to COTS. This coupled with the secure audibility of our cloud-based solution as opposed to the inability to truly track, manage and close the loop using tools such as spreadsheets, emails and faxes has allowed Petrotranz to fulfill the role of an Energy Industry Solution.

Success stories

Excellent Job

"I think Petrotranz has done an excellent job to help us manage our clients' forecasts and splits."

~ Dean P.
Phoenix Energy Marketing Consultants Inc.


Product Sheets

COTS Product Sheet

For more information on the value Petrotranz Crude Oil Transportation System can bring to the Producer, Facility Operator and Shipper Marketer click here to download your copy of the COTS Product Sheet.

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Secure Energy Streamlines Operations, Cuts Costs and Reduces Risk with Petrotranz COTS

Oilfield services company highlights significant & measurable improvements through increased efficiency and cost savings. Real-time information has lead to informed decision making as well as significantly reducing communication risks.