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Paul Howard Johnson appointed as Petrotranz President

Paul Howard Johnson appointed as Petrotranz President

June 11, 2015 | Download News Release (PDF, 415kb)

CALGARY, AB, Canada (November 4, 2013) - The Petrotranz Board of Directors is pleased to announce today that Paul Howard Johnson has been appointed the role as President. Mr. Johnson will be responsible for overseeing the marketing and implementation of all Petrotranz Inc.'s products and services.

"We are extremely pleased to have Paul as President", says Brent Stankowski, CEO Petrotranz. "Paul has been with Petrotranz since inception and has been an integral part of Petrotranz working with our customers and technology partners accelerating the growth of our products and services throughout the Industry."

Previous to accepting this role, Mr. Johnson was the Vice President of Petrotranz with extensive experience in the energy industry and Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Johnson comments, "I am very pleased and excited to take on the President's role at Petrotranz after having been involved with the company and its management team since 2008. I truly believe Petrotranz has a unique and compelling value proposition working with the energy industry, and I look forward to helping Petrotranz expand its leadership role in providing Industry solutions."

About Petrotranz Inc.

Petrotranz Inc. is a technology company that builds, deploys and manages secure, web-based industry solutions that automate and improve manual or inefficient processes in the Energy Industry. The commercial applications developed by Petrotranz are the Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS) and the Liquids Transportation System (LTS) which are utilized to manage transportation and logistics information related to the 3 month crude oil and liquids lifecycle. The Petrotranz Technology Platform is used by over 650 companies to manage over 90% of crude oil and liquids volumes in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Petrotranz also provides volumetric and financial management industry services and actively serves as the COLC Administrative Manager and the ITC Invoicing Contractor.

To learn more, please contact:

Dallas Smith Petrotranz | VP, Operations 403.984.0861