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Petrotranz Quarterly Newsletter - December 2015

December 17, 2015


Petrotranz Quarterly Newsletter

A Note From Our President...

As we head into Christmas season, I wanted to take a moment to update our growing user community with what has been going on here at Petrotranz. We are continuing to heavily reinvest in all the Petrotranz applications, our team and our community. Based on the excellent feedback we regularly receive from our industry peers, we have also implemented several new and exciting enhancements through Petrotranz version 5.2 which was released on schedule on November 19th and which includes the following:

Petrotranz Data Exchange

  • › APMC Shipper Balance Integration Module
  • › Automated Form C Flow Through Into NOS
  • › Operational Notifications - PDF attachment and subscription enhancements
  • › New PDX Document Type - Contracted Commitment Reports

Crude Oil & Liquids Transportation Systems

  • › Flow-through Form A Enhancement
  • › Form A WIO Automated Import Enhancement
  • › WIO Operator Grid View Enhancement

Dallas Smith, VP of Operations Reports:

"The Petrotranz Data Exchange (PDX) has seen significant adoption over its first 23 months from producer operators, facility operators and shipper marketers. While PDX has been developed with the capability to handle the real-time electronic distribution of any volumetric or financial report, we are seeing more and more partners come on board to publish or consume them. The two largest advancements the PDX system has seen with our recent release is the ability to publish Crown (and Crown Agent) Shipper Balance Reports directly to the APMC in a completely automated fashion. This provides our customers with key efficiency gains at a time when staffing levels are perhaps at their lowest yet the amount of tasks to perform have not diminished. The second key advancement was the deployment of PDX for large integrated producers and small to mid-sized facility operators who are not currently in a position for full system to system integration, yet need these same efficiency gains."

Here are all of the volumetric and financial documents that PDX can currently handle:
  • › Form A
  • › Form B
  • › Form C
  • › Shipper & Working Interest Owner Splits
  • › Producer Feedback Reports (Position/Form D Reports)
  • › Producer Activity Reports
  • › Draft Shipper Balance Reports
  • › Final Shipper Balance Reports
  • › Contracted Commitment Reports
  • › Notices of Shipment
  • › Equalization Invoices
  • › Tariff & Tariff Producer Invoices
  • › Producer Statements (Purchaser Statements)
  • › Single Shipper Facility Netout Invoices
  • › Producer Invoices
Petrotranz continues to work closely with all of our Technology Adoption Program Vendor Partners as well as other industry solution software vendors in an effort to gain efficiency's through integration and system to system automation. From a Production Accounting perspective, you will now find a Petrotranz specific crude oil splits export in all major systems including; Petrinex (APMC), CGI's PAS, P2 Energy's Metrix, PetroNet and Pandell's PA Nexus. There are further integration's with marketing system vendors such as Openlink's Right Angle, Egisitix Oil and P2 Energy's OMS. If you are a facility operator, there are efficiency gains through integration's with Schneider-Electric's Polaris and ESI's Synthesis. We have many on-going discussions with other major industry software vendors as well and Petrotranz will remain diligent in working with them on industries behalf.

To learn more, contact Breydon Stangeland at

Petrotranz Technology Platform

  • Petrotranz University - A redeveloped training and education program that includes role-specific content for marketing, scheduling, trading and production accounting. The University includes on-demand interactive video training libraries and will be released in January 2016.
  • Process and Technology Optimization Program - Any company can take advantage of this program to gain a better understanding of their internal processes and how to synchronize that improved understanding while leveraging the Petrotranz Technology Platform.
  • Direct IT Interaction - In an effort to improve system and network performance, increased direct interaction with your organizations IT departments is a top priority.
2016 will continue to be an extremely busy year at Petrotranz as we work to roll-out and develop future enhancements. We look forward to unveiling additional functionality and seeing you all throughout 2016 at some of our office hosted events, which you will be receiving additional information about in January.

I again thank you for your continued feedback and support.

Kindest Regards,
Paul Howard Johnson, President


  • We have a new profile button to change your personal user information easily and quickly.
  • Now you can always stay connected by signing up to receive email notifications for all your PDX reports!
  • You have the ability to load Shipper and WIO split files from your organizations PA system directly into Petrotranz.
  • You can template a split to a future month, to help lower the amount of time spent re-keying data!
  • Users can link separate portal profiles together, making the flow between portal completely seamless.
  • User can accept, receive, edit and reject forms in bulk by using the check boxes on the left hand side of the grid and the Tasks menu together.
  • When clicking into the Form A and Split grid, there is a button in the top right hand corner of the screen to show all the revised versions.

Quick Facts # 1

Did you know that 97% of all Producer Operators, Shipper Marketers and Facility Operators use Petrotranz as their trusted logistical platform?

Quick Facts # 2

Did you know that Petrotranz runs targeted lunch and learn workshops at our downtown Calgary Training Centre every single Thursday? Check out the upcoming scheduleto book your next free lunch while you learn session now!


As in the past, we would like to help you get to know a member of our Petrotranz Support Team. Petrotranz is always striving to achieve and maintainbest in class industry support. Erik plays a key role in helping make that happen.

Erik Naylor

Erik attendedthe University of Dalhousie, completing a degree in accounting. His future goals include owning his own business and becoming a family man. He plays multiple sports and is a regular at his neighborhood gym.
Please keep in mind that Petrotranz is here to support you. If you have any questions, feel free to call our client support line at 403.457.1470 or try our new live chat tool and one of our support team members will be delighted to assist you in any way possible!


Give A Mile Holiday Campaign

In the spirit of the holiday season Petrotranz has commenced a campaign to fly individuals who have been separated from their family members, back home for Christmas. We are partnering with a local charity Give A Mile, in an effort to help them raise as many flight miles as possible, bringing families together in a time when they are dealing with a family member in palliative or critical care.
As a team we set an initial goal of 125,000 miles to collect from friends, family and coworkers. The goal was promptly extended to 500,000 miles due to such a warm response. The goal was then raised even further, to 1,000,000 miles because of the generosity of key executives in our business community who graciously donated more than 400,000 miles. The team is still working extremely hard to gather more miles. The deadline of December 24th, 2015 is fast approaching with less than two weeks to go!

Petrotranz is currently sitting at 806,260 miles! We are so proud to be doing everything we can in order to help. If you have any Aeroplan miles that you would like to contribute to the cause, please click here to access the flight hero program, click on the teal button to the right when the page loads and follow the simple instructions. Thank you sincerely for all of your support!
Giving Back to the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Mustard Seed
At Petrotranz we are always looking for ways to give back to the community and support our local Calgarians. We thought it best to do something where we could affect the most positive change and help as many people as we possibly could all in one afternoon!
Our first session started with 4 employees on November 25th at the Drop-in Centre downtown. We were greeted with a warm welcome from the staff. We were then outfitted with aprons, hair nets and gloves and sent to the kitchen for meal preparation. The drop in center provides more than 1400 people with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day. We were honored to be able to help out, especially on such a cold day as the Holidays approach.

We prepared over 500 egg salad sandwiches and 500 cups of juice. After the racks had been stocked with food parcels to be distributed we cleaned the kitchen area and had a few valuable minutes to talk to the staff and volunteers.

We are extremely appreciative of the Drop In Center for allowing Petrotranz to help out and hopefully bring a smile to some of the clients staying there.

Petrotranz also donated twenty-one (21) 25 kilogram turkeys to the Mustard Seed which we have been informed, will just about meet the needs for Christmas Day meals.

Throughout the year of 2016 we will continue our volunteering efforts at both the Mustard Seed and Drop-In Centre. We are extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community and keep the glowing holiday spirit alive!
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