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Petrotranz Quarterly Newsletter - March 2017

March 23, 2017


Petrotranz Quarterly Newsletter


As Petrotranz looks to close out the first quarter of 2017 we are very excited by all the feedback we have received. We ran a survey that we put out to our user base in December, to which we received fantastic participation. Congratulations to everyone that received a Starbucks gift card for completing it and thank you sincerely for all your truly valuable thoughts and ideas. We have always viewed them as a gift and very much take them to heart as we plan future enhancements both to our platform and to our processes. We are also very excited to see the participation in our most recent Product Advisory Committee sessions and all the great ideas and comments coming out of those.

Some of the key goals we have always tried to stay focused on is exceeding our customer's expectations both with the quality of the platform as well as the quality of the overall customer experience, which includes support. 2016 was a year where Petrotranz experienced a few growing pains and so far, in 2017 as well as in the months come, we intend to double down on that set of goals.

With continued reinvestment in our logistical systems, to the further industry roll-out of our new quality solution and from responding to the customer feedback (survey and advisory committee) to expanding our integrations with our industry and vendor stakeholder partners, 2017 is a year we intend to increase our extensive collaboration with industry to ensure that our products always meet your needs.

Petrotranz Inc.

  • As with all years previous, this year will be a busy one and we recognize that. There is much left to do. To that end, you may notice some new faces when you interact with Petrotranz, we have been expanding our team where possible, to ensure we have the capacity and breadth of skills to serve your needs. We look forward to serving you in the months ahead as well as unveiling new functionality to assist you in your processes.


  • The first such item we'd like to update you on is the Integrated Forecaster (IF) that we've developed into COTS. It has been a number of years in the making and was developed through your cooperation and the examination of processes that many producers follow each month in their crude oil forecasting. IF was included in our latest platform release in late December 2016. "IF allows organizations to benefit from an accurate, easy to manage, bottom up forecast" says Alex Gierus â€" VP, Innovations & Deployment, "that brings in all of the information needed, regardless of how many wells you might have.Moreover, the forecast is available within the same platform the vast majority of the industry already uses for all of their other forecasting requirements."

    This functionality includes the ability to calculate the crown royalty obligations leveraging well level details that are available within the AER and a producer's historic production volumes. It is designed to simplify the complex monthly forecasting process, especially around calculating royalty-in-kind and leveraging the Petrinex forecasting service (Petrinex integration is planned this year). The data and charts on historical accuracy is a favourite among those who have explored IF.

    For more information please contact: Liam McDermott -


  • The addition of the Petrotranz Smart Grids is another fantastic enhancement that is the result of user community feedback. We have heard you loud and clear on your desire to have more advanced search capabilities as well as customizable grids. With the release of Petrotranz 5.6.0 came the introduction of Smart Grids in the operator portal. Smart Grids are an exciting addition because they offer advanced searching with complex criteria along with custom column selection in a view you can save and later re-use.

    All of this user customizable information can be saved into Smart Folders which allow you to access this information easily, month after month. If you would like to learn more about our Smart Grids, please either contact the Petrotranz Customer Experience team or attend one of our scheduled lunch and learn workshops. For all of you facility operator and shipper/marketers stay tuned, Smart Grids are coming to a portal near you very soon!


  • Finally, we have introduced the much-requested non-operated working interest owners bucket! This means that you can now view all the splits where you have been identified as a working interest owner (WIO), from directly within your operator portal. It saves you from relying on emails each month from the operators, however the option for producers to email out to individuals is still available within the system.


  • At Petrotranz, we are always working on something! We are very excited to announce that our Notice of Shipment for the Liquids Transportation System is due to come out in our summer release and will be available within the facility and shipper portals. For users that are familiar with our Notice of Shipment for the Crude Oil Transportation System, you will see the similarities between both the Liquids NOS and Crude NOS with a few updates made to allow for producer level information. LTS NOS provides shippers the ability to identify their product deliveries each month and submit them directly to the pipeline and/or terminal operators.

Petrotranz Quality Management

  • Some of you may have noticed the information we have been posting on our website over the last number of months or heard one of us talking excitedly about our new addition. We are thrilled about the recent release of the Petrotranz Quality Management (PQM) system! PQM offers the ability for organizations to manage their quality programs at each of their facilities, helping to ensure that analysis of the incoming products meet the pre-determined facility specifications. "PQM is a tool for industry to reduce their internal costs by introducing standards and efficiencies to their current sampling programs" says Lindsey Boguski â€" VP, Business Development.

    Your organization can gain these efficiencies with access to quality results, report and alerting in real time. PQM also allows for the capability to publish approved quality results to your producer operators for the use of equalization penalties/credits and setting effective and expiry periods for each producer's locations. PQM is currently integrated with Maxxam Laboratories and we are at various stages in furthering our integrations with not only other laboratories but with Petrotranz logistical products. The PQM roadmap is to offer seamless distribution of critical quality data across all departments of the organization.

    For more information on PQM and what it can do for you please contact: Trevor Jones -

Petrotranz EDUCATION

  • Like to learn at your own pace? Looking for a quick refresh on a very specific function? Petrotranz is excited about the recent updates to our Petrotranz University. The Petrotranz University houses an up to date collection of how-to videos such as how to create a brand-new Form A to our newly released Smart Grids.

    In addition to we also have our Quick and Action Guides to help guide you through the form creating processes. As well as on most Thursdays, we host a Lunch and Learn Workshop on a variety of topics at our in-house training centre. We would love for you to join us for some great food, company and learning! Please visit our website for upcoming workshop dates. As always, our Customer Experience Representatives are available on our live chat feature, by email or by phone to assist with questions or training needs.


  • Need to look up a facility code or stream type?
    Did you know about our look up menu?

    It gives you access to up-to-date information for:
    • Facilities
    • Streams
    • Liquids Product Types
    • Business Associates
    • Operators
    • Facility Operators
    • Shippers
    • Facility Code Details

    Where do we get this information?

    We update our facilities and business associates from the AER and corresponding provincial files. All other look up information is generated directly from the organizations on our system. So, looking to update a facility or operator code? Use our look ups!
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