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Petrotranz Newsletter - July 2017

July 01, 2017


Petrotranz July 2017 Newsletter

Featured Product

The Petrotranz Data Exchange (PDX) is a powerful communication tool allowing for the exchange of logistical and financial documents between stakeholders in a secure centralized location. What kind of documents you ask? Check out the top 5 most published industry documents shown below:
PDX Usage
With our Customer Survey from this past December, we reached out and asked for some feedback. We've heard your call, "Bring more companies onto the PDX system!" We are working closely with various integration partners in our continuous effort to expand PDX across the industry.

What Can PDX do for you?
  • Access your documents utilizing your secure Petrotranz login
  • Reduce your work load by employing automated processes
  • Integration with your current system
  • Access to up-to-date standardized data, no more out of date codes
  • And so much more...

Would you like to learn more about this exciting Petrotranz product? Documents not currently flowing through PDX that you'd like to view? or interested in the benefits of uploading your documents, give us a call!

Petrotranz Inc.

  • As with all years previous, this year will be a busy one and we recognize that. There is much left to do. To that end, you may notice some new faces when you interact with Petrotranz, we have been expanding our team where possible, to ensure we have the capacity and breadth of skills to serve your needs. We look forward to serving you in the months ahead as well as unveiling new functionality to assist you in your processes.

TAP Gold

Our Valued Partnerships

  • Petrotranz Inc. is pleased to announce that Schneider-Electric is the first pipeline and terminal management system vendor partner to be recognized as a Gold Partner for their integration efforts with the Petrotranz Data Exchange ("PDX"). Gold status is currently the second highest level of recognition that can be awarded to Petrotranz technology partners for their integration accomplishments.

    Petrotranz and Schneider-Electric have been working closely on a number of key integration projects over the past few years. This includes the ability to meet the Alberta Crown requirements for publishing key volumetric and financial reports. Schneider-Electric's Polaris system is currently being leveraged by a number of western Canadian feeder pipeline operators. PDX is the first transformational system for the energy industry that allows disparate systems to communicate with each other and the first system that provides a common language and secure hub for transacting information between all energy stakeholders.

    "We at Petrotranz are truly excited to have the opportunity to recognize Schneider-Electric as another member of the growing Petrotranz Technology Adoption Program," says Dallas Smith, Chief Operating Officer - Petrotranz Inc., "together we have been able to help our mutual customers enhance their overall customer offering as well as provide substantial efficiency gains at a crucial time for our industry."
    Electronic standardization of key documents such as Final Shipper Balance Reports, Producer Activity Reports, Equalization Invoices and Tariff Invoices to name a few, has provided security to industry stakeholders so that for the first time, they can integrate to consume this data in one consistent format

Reference Data


  • When our users requested speed enhancements and the ability for customization of their grid views, we created Smart Grids, and initially rolled version one out to the Operator portal. We've received positive feedback since it's release in Winter 2016, and have created version two, due out in our Summer 2017 release!

    Not only are the Facility and Shipper portal gaining Smart Grids, but we are rolling out a faster and sleeker version to all! We can't wait to hear how much you love the ability to do advanced searches using complex search criteria and the ability to customize your grid view to how you'd like to view your information. The best part is you now have the ability to save your searches and customized views into your Smart Folders for easy access to what you want and how you want month after month!

Petrotranz University

Ready to Learn?

  • Would you like to learn how to do more in Petrotranz? The first generation of the Petrotranz University is available for your learning convenience 24 hours a day! Access our how-to video collection to learn something new or get a refresher!
    After receiving feedback from our 2016 Customer Survey, that you'd like to do more online learning, we heard you and are currently in the process of enhancing what our PTZ-U offers, there are exciting new updates coming in Fall 2017!

Kids Cancer Care

In Our Community

  • One of the most rewarding aspects to life is when you have the chance to give back to the community. We recently had the chance by making a donation to Kid's Cancer Care Foundation. While it was a small act of donating money, it helped one courageous young girl achieve something far greater! In raising money and shaving her head in support of her brother, she managed to garner national and international attention, bringing much needed support to such an important cause. We are very proud not only as a corporation but as individuals to have helped support her in her selfless act. This is a cause that we will continue to support going forward as it touches so many lives.
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