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Petrotranz in our community

Petrotranz in our community

June 28, 2018 | Download News Release (PDF, 651kb) CALGARY, AB, Canada (June 28, 2018) - Alberta has always been a place where its people banded together to support those less fortunate, those working hard to establish themselves and above all, those who are very much in need. At Petrotranz, we recognize that there are people and organizations in our province struggling right now. Our team has always had a strong commitment to giving back and lending at hand in our community and with our neighbours.

This year, while raising financial support with the help of our customers, Petrotranz has remained committed to supporting some great organizations, each with their own mission and purpose that we are sure every Albertan could stand behind.

On May 24th, 2018, Petrotranz hosted its 10th Anniversary Customer & Community Celebration event at the Palace downtown. We used this special event to welcome our valued customers, to thank them for our first 10 years and all that we have accomplished together. We also took the opportunity to bring our customers together with some of the causes we are so passionate about.

Resolve Homelessness
Working directly with the Resolve Homelessness campaign, Petrotranz has made a multi-year financial commitment and we have pledged to provide volunteers from our team, to assist in gardening and grounds maintenance at the Horizon Housing project we are supporting. Ending homelessness in this city is a must and we are so glad that we can offer this support.

Petrotranz is also building a strong relationship with KidSport Calgary, in an effort to empower the children of our community to learn, to grow and to reach for their dreams through sport. Sport is one of the most powerful vehicles we have, to bring people together in a positive way, regardless of race or gender or religion. Thank you to KidSport for all that you do in our community!

Kids Cancer Care
Unfortunately, too many of us are familiar with Cancer and have had it impact our lives in one shape or another. While all cases of this horrible disease are truly a tragedy, none tends to impact people more than seeing our children, our future, inflicted and fighting for survival. Certain members of our team are very passionate about the program Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta (KCCF) offers. Not only are they helping families whose children are in treatment by providing services such as pre-made home cooked meals, they fund potential life-saving research, visit the children and provide services directly in the Children's Hospital to lift their spirits. The favourite though for most children, is Camp Kindle. This camp is a special place just out past Water Valley, where these children and their siblings can go, have fun, make incredible new friends and be with others who have experienced or are experiencing the same things. It can be hard as a child at the best of times, having people who are going through the same health challenges as yourself, there to speak with and bond with. That is a gift. Petrotranz is so grateful for the ability to support this wonderful organization and to witness and participate in the ways they raise these children up. Thank you KCCF!

Artist Outreach
Finally, Petrotranz made a new and unique attempt to support our local community this year. We've all heard the term "starving artists" and at Petrotranz, we thought we would see what we could do to prevent that somewhat here in Calgary. In conjunction with our 10-year event, Petrotranz held a local Artist Outreach competition to give new and emerging local artists the ability to submit a piece of work. Of all the applicants, Petrotranz selected those who we thought sounded committed to their trade and gave them the chance to create a specialized piece. Of all the submissions that we received, we then selected the five finalists who were subjected to a final round of voting. Those five received awards for their work and the top three finalist's pieces are now hung in the Petrotranz office for every one of you to appreciate on your next visit. Please do stop by if you have the chance!

There are many more ways that our team reaches out, passionately attempting to give back and make a positive impact to those around us in need. We thank every one of you for working with us, for your support, your contributions and your loyalty allowing us to continue to do so. Stay tuned for ways you can get involved, support these initiatives or simply read about them.

Thank you so much!