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Quorum Software demonstrates leadership through automation

Quorum Software demonstrates leadership through automation

June 28, 2018 | Download News Release (PDF, 452kb) CALGARY, AB, Canada (June 28, 2018) - Quorum Software, a leader in digital transformation for the oil and gas industry, has been awarded Bronze status by Petrotranz in our prestigious Technology Adoption Program (TAP).

Quorum is being recognized for their commitment to automation in the energy industry offering clear efficiencies and the elimination of tedious and erroneous data re-entry.

TAP Status

"The TAP Awards recognize those in the supply chain optimization space as key partners, when they display their commitment to efficiency through automation for our mutual customer base," said Dallas Smith, Petrotranz Chief Operating Officer. "In an industry that is just coming out of its most difficult period in recent memory, the ability to eliminate often painful tasks that chew up our customers' time by providing system-to-system automation is crucial. At Petrotranz we are more committed than ever to working with partners who are motivated towards ensuring we help the industry innovate and digitally transform, keeping up with the new lean reality."

"Quorum's certification with Petrotranz demonstrates our commitment to industry-accelerating innovation," said Mike Lake, President of Quorum Entero MOSAIC. "The three new interfaces we have built for our customers will enhance user experience by automating crude shipper pipeline communication, streamlining operations, and providing real-time information for better decision making. We will continue collaborating with our industry partners to generate even greater value for our customers going forward."

Mutual customers leveraging both Quorum's Entero ONE system and the Petrotranz Platform can immediately experience the benefit of these new automated integration points for key reporting, such as the receipt of their Final Shipper Balance Reports to the publication of their Notices of Shipment. Furthermore, Quorum has indicated their continued commitment to increasing these best-in-class offerings to industry.

To learn more, please contact:

John Baisley Petrotranz 403.457.1470
Mike Lake Quorum Software 403.538.5932