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Petrotranz announces appointment of Dallas Smith as CEO

Petrotranz announces appointment of Dallas Smith as CEO

October 31, 2018 | Download News Release (PDF, 651kb) CALGARY, AB, Canada (October 31, 2018) - Petrotranz Inc. announced today the appointment of Mr. Dallas M. Smith as Chief Executive Officer effective November 1st, 2018. Dallas will replace Paul Johnson.

"I am pleased that Dallas Smith is taking on the responsibility and commitment that comes with overseeing Petrotranz," said Mr. Johnson. "We have been working side by side for almost 6 years and I am confident Dallas will deliver for our customers. I know Dallas will apply his professionalism and devotion to this role each and every day."

Mr. Smith joined Petrotranz in 2013 as the VP of Technology and has held various senior positions at the company. For the past two years, he acted as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to Petrotranz, Mr. Smith held several other leadership positions within the energy industry including customer experience, operations, IT and development operations. Mr. Smith also managed the technical teams inseveral successful startups.

"I'm looking forward to bringing Petrotranz back to its entrepreneurial roots and focusing on the needs of our customers," said Mr. Smith. "It's time for Petrotranz to deeply re-engage with our customers to assist them in their goals of finding efficiencies and completing as much automation as possible."

Mr. Smith added, "I want to thank Paul for his leadership and unwavering commitment to Petrotranz. Paul made outstanding personal contributions towards building the Petrotranz brand into the trusted name it is today.We all wish Paul well in his future endeavours."

About Petrotranz Inc.
Petrotranz Inc.'s Energy Industry Solutions Platform is a web-based communication and collaboration hub for the WCSB, servicing over 1200 companies and over 4000 users. Petrotranz's platform streamlines the manual processes and documentation required in the transportation of crude oiland liquids from wellhead to market. With Petrotranz, producers, facility operators (pipelines, truck terminals, cleaning plants), marketers and other relevant participants, are able to easily and seamlessly transmit all pertinent volumetric and financial information.