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Drift Achieves TAP Partnership Status

Drift Achieves TAP Partnership Status

October 29, 2020 | Download News Release (PDF, 139kb)

CALGARY, AB, Canada (October 29th, 2020) - Petrotranz Inc. is pleased to announce that Drift Technological Solutions, has become the first Technology Adoption Program (TAP) Partner in the space of mobile logistics and field data capture technology.

Drift is a company that believes in a better way for E&P, transportation and midstream companies to communicate with one another, to share information with complete transparency. A better way for the Producers, to increase their internal processes, improve profitability and optimize their logistics. With Drift providing an industry leading solution in the space of mobile logistics, their customers have the benefit of receiving near real time digital truck tickets and the raw meter cuts from the receiving facility operators.

Over the last several months, the Drift and Petrotranz teams have worked closely to integrate and provide some of these efficiencies mentioned above. Marrying the digital truck ticket information with the various datasets that flow through the Petrotranz platform in an automated fashion, can eliminate the need for so much data re-entry and manual work that can weigh heavily on your teams who are already shouldering such big loads.

This collaboration has many current and potential benefits for the parties involved, including the ability for Producers to track their supply and to automatically reconcile their trucking tickets against actual delivery information provided by the receiving facilities. It also has great additional potential such as assisting transport companies with their back-office management and providing advanced delivery information to the receiving facilities thereby allowing them to schedule their facilities better which in turn has the potential to reduce wait time costs for producers.

"Drift provides energy companies with immediate access to data needed for financial and operational decision making replacing the inefficient method of waiting for ticket information for days, weeks or sometimes even months," said Jill Viccars, Founder and CEO of Drift. "SaaS technology and programs like the Petrotranz TAP are helping the industry become more and more innovative - saving producers money at a time when they need it most. We're proud to be partnering with Petrotranz."

"Petrotranz is very excited about Drift as a new TAP partner and the potential this relationship has for industry. The benefits and efficiencies that we can bring to industry together is what our team has been directly focused on." Dallas Smith, Petrotranz Managing Director continues, "The ability to bring key customer data together from multiple systems in an automated manner, thereby eliminating all of the manual efforts to do the same; this alone can provide relief and positive gains to our users at a time when the industry is searching for these efficiency gains."

The Petrotranz platform is the first transformational system for the energy industry that allows disparate systems to communicate with each other and the first system that provides a common language and secure hub for transacting information between all energy stakeholders.

"Drift has provided Serafina Energy Ltd. with an easy-to-use, dynamic set of tools that is allowing our company to perform more advanced decisions with fewer resources. Their systems have changed the way we do business, and their integration with Petrotranz has the potential to significantly improve efficiencies surrounding administrative tasks." ~ Adam Lonseth (Marketing Manager)

If you want to know how these efforts between Drift and Petrotranz can benefit your organization and how you can take advantage of these new offerings in order to drive greater efficiency and reduce the significant manual effort around truck ticket and reconciliation management, reach out to Drift or Petrotranz. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your organizations specific needs and how these new offerings may be able to bring value.

About Drift Technologies

Drift is intent on providing accurate and timely data transfers to ensure energy companies can make smarter decisions on the fly. Drift's software includes a web-based dashboard for data analysis, a mobile app for e-ticketing in the field, and an optimized scheduling tool aimed to maximize profit margins while maintaining the balance and ratability of supply and distribution commitments.

The utilization of Drift allows companies to make proactive financial and operational decisions rather than waiting for ticket information to reach them days, weeks or months later. In using Drift, companies can free up valuable time for further analysis and new projects rather than sifting through data and making manual changes.

About Petrotranz Inc.

Petrotranz is a technology company that builds, deploys and manages secure web-based industry solutions that automate and improve manual or inefficient processes in the Energy Industry. The commercial applications developed by Petrotranz are the Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS), Liquids Transportation System (LTS), Petrotranz Data Exchange (PDX) and Petrotranz Quality Management (PQM). Petrotranz is now the primary communication and collaboration platform of choice for Producer Operators, Facility Operators and Shipper Marketers managing and reporting crude oil, segregated condensate and Natural Gas Liquids volumetric data.

As of January 2020, Petrotranz has over 1400 registered companies forecasting and reconciling close to 1 billion (1,000,000,000) BOE per day and hundreds of thousands of volumetric and financial documents moving between stakeholders in near-real-time.

To learn more, please contact:
Dallas Smith
Petrotranz Inc. | Managing Director
Jill Viccars
Drift Technological Solutions | CEO