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Celebrating a decade

Celebrating a decade

CALGARY, AB, Canada (June 28, 2018) - As Petrotranz turns ten this summer, I reflect on a decade of commitment to serving the Petrotranz community. It feels like yesterday when I walked into the closet-sized office in the Currie Barracks. As employee number one of Petrotranz, I was given the opportunity (along with Jason Turner) to launch the first digitized single Form A.

When we saw the first successful electronic transmission of the Form A data, I knew we had achieved something monumental that could revolutionize the way these crucial and time-sensitive documents could be exchanged between all stakeholders in the basin.

Today, every oil and gas producer, pipeline and terminal operator, and shipper marketing entity, as well as several 3rd party lease companies in the WCSB, exchanges information securely and confidentially on the Petrotranz platform. Since Petrotranz was acquired by the Daily Mail General Trust (DMGT) in 2014, we have been working tirelessly towards growth through investment in the platform. We have partnered with more than ten strategic technology partners.

We cherish our customer relationships and our ability to offer the best customer service in any industry has always been a driving principle of our business.

Over the last two years, we have spent millions of dollars providing customer-driven enhancements, funding partner integrations and upgrading our overall platform and infrastructure to keep everything running smoothly for you. For example, we rewrote the entire platform for the 4th time in 10 years to make the user experience more intuitive, plus we have continuously developed out integration points, now achieving nearly 100 of them. In addition, we moved to Microsoft Azure so that we could offer you faster speed, increased security and improved data protection while also layering in the powerful Microsoft tools, such as Power BI embedded business intelligence engine. As we continue to deploy Power BI, the intention is to empower each of you with the opportunity to make better decisions and support choices through this new, leading reporting toolset.

Thank you for your patience, contributions and partnership. Together, we have created a platform that offers your company tremendous optimization and efficiency gains. And, we are working incredibly hard to continue to deliver mission-critical service with bank-grade security, enterprise-grade functionality, and consumer-grade usability.

Thank you all for 10 incredible years!

Paul Howard Johnson
CEO – Petrotranz